About Us

Onelife Tofino ~ Fashion for Humanity

"The only thing greater than the power of the mind is the courage of the heart". ~John Nash


Our Product

We are a premium quality yoga and surf brand that wants you to wear your heart on your sleeve; meaning that you have the courage to live the songs within your heart daily, by filling your life doing the things that you love, being with people that you love, and giving love. We want you to feel amazing and comfortable while living life with your heart, and for you to feel proud that you are also giving someone in need a chance to live a good life. Talk about good Karma! When you purchase a product from Onelife, you are no longer a consumer but become a supporter for humanity in need. 20% of the profits from your purchase will help support 4 major charities: Doctors Without Borders (medical aid), Shelterbox (shelter), Charity Water (water), and Action Against Hunger (food).


Why Tofino?

It is always at the end of the road where inspiration is drawn, and that is exactly where Onelife was conceptualized: Tofino, a majestic remote surf town on the West Coast of Canada. Onelife is like Tofino, it’s small but the spread of its magic will transform people's lives.


About our logo,

Our logo is a heart combined with the yin and yang symbol. What it shows is the duality of the heart. The heart itself can be more powerful than the mind, but it can also be filled with either affection or enmity. We as humans all hold this duality, but we also all hold the power of choice of how we use our hearts. Onelife is about choosing to live life with love and spreading it to others in a way of community, teamwork, and aid for those less fortunate in our world. We are all on our own unique journeys in life, and Onelife strives to be the friendly reminder to use your heart and it’s power of love.

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