Tasks! Relentless, tireless, they dance in front of you and taunt you in the form of work assignments, new projects, self improvement goals, or even housework.
As you lean over to put on your ballet slippers to pirouette through your day, that all too familiar feeling of dread sweeps over you. It’s an inescapable feeling that overwhelmingly arrives at the door of your psyche.
It literally feels like there is a suffocating dead weight heaved upon you, crushing your last breath from your soul. Once it latches its shackles around you, taking you as prisoner, you become sedated and paralyzed.
Your mind can only gasp out a scream telling you to avoid that daunting task at all costs or to delay it until another day. As you surrender and turn Netflix back on, a sensation of relief floods in, yet something in the pit of your stomach tells you you’re making the wrong choice.
Logically, you know it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable mandatory task returns, most likely it has an annoying deadline attached, leaving no place to run and hide. The consequences are far too dear, threatening you with your livelihood, dignity or self worth.
You turn around and face the challenge head on; you must fight now as flight is no longer an option.
Let me introduce to you, your arch nemesis: Procrastination. It is the guard that sits in the doorway between you and your life goals.
It does a wonderful job of keeping you in the cage of life stopping you from reaching your full potential and pursuing your life’s purpose.
Unfortunately, most of us can only muster up the courage to face procrastination when we are cornered and have no way of escaping; hence we cram the night before the exam or complete the project right before the deadline. It is the villain that targets our personal goals as there is no external reward system that instills fear to motivate us, keeping us stuck in our mundane lifestyle. So how do you escape the dungeon doors, conquer procrastination and achieve your goals? You need a key, which is composed of the stroke of a pen and a shift in perspective.
First you need to change your role from being a victim to becoming a warrior, before procrastination has the chance to find you.
To be a warrior you must learn to fight, and have an attack strategy in place.
Take a pen and write down your plan of action. Don’t be boring, use a pen and paper, so when you win your battles you can feel the rewarding sensation of crossing off your achievements as accomplished.
Next you need to motivate yourself to get out of the imprisoning space, write down what you expect is on the other side of that cell door, and don’t be shy, put some flair into it, there is a reason we have an imagination, so utilize it.
Will your doorway lead to true love or a treasure chest of gold?
The last piece of the key is the action where you must physically and mentally fight. The reason you stall at this stage is because of what you perceive is required from you.
It takes energy to throw that first punch, and it may not be a brief scrap, you may figuratively get bruised, scratched or even break a bone because procrastination is not an easy adversary.
This is where you need to slide on the eyeglasses of imagination. No task or job is mundane or hard, unless it is perceived as so. You have the power to convert any situation into a fun and playful state of bliss. For this step, I ask you to take the task as a piece of art that needs to be completed and you are the artist, allow the creative juices to flow. When you change your perspective not only are the tasks at hand more enjoyable, your entire life will become richer.
So create your escape key and defeat the guard called procrastination. You can then leave that self imposed life cage and more importantly unlock your full potential.
As you leave the prison walls behind you will experience the greatest freedom of all, being in control of your own life.